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R140LC-9: 14 Tonne Excavator

R140LC-9: Excavators
Cabin Design

Cabin Design

The cabin is roomy and ergonomically designed with low noise levels and good visibility. A full-view front window and large rear and side windows provide excellent visibility in all directions.

Mitsubishi D04FD-TAA Engine

Mitsubishi D04FD-TAA Engine

The four cylinders turbocharged and charged air cooled, engine is built for power, reliability and economy. This meets EPA Tier 3 and EUstage 3A emissions regulations.

Advanced CAPO System

Advanced CAPO System

The advanced CAPO (Computer Aided Power Optimization) system tunes engine and pump power to optimum levels. Multiple mode selections are available for various work loads, maintaining high performance while reducing fuel consumption. Features include auto declaration and power boost. The system monitors engine speed, coolant and hydraulic oil temperature. Contained within the system are self-diagnostic capabilities which display error codes on the monitor.

Machine Overview

Optimum Hydraulic Performance

The pump output capacity has been increased.

Auto Deceleration System

When the remote-control valves are in the neutral position for more than 4 seconds, the CPU controller instructs the accel actuator to reduce engine speed to 1,000rpm and 60 seconds later, engine speed is reduced to a low idle automatically. This decreases fuel consumption and reduces cabin noise levels.

Boom & Arm Holding System

The holding valves in the main control valve prevent boom & arm lowering during an extended period in the neutral position.

Boom & Arm Flow Regeneration System

The flow regeneration valve provides smooth and fast operation without cylinder cavitation.

Hydraulically Dampered Travel Pedal

Improved travel controllability & smoother travel has been achieved via shock reducing components.

Pump Flow Control System

When in neutral the pump flow is minimised to reduce power loss. During operation maximum pump flow is delivered to the actuator to increase speed. Movement of the control lever automatically adjusts pump flow, with cylinder speed controlled proportionally.

Power Boost Control System

In power mode the digging force increases about 10%.

One-Touch Decel. System

When the one-touch decel switch is engaged, the CPU controller limits the accel actuator to an 800rpm idle. When the one-touch decel Switch is disengaged the engine speed recovers to its preset rpm.

Self-Diagnostics System

The CPU controller diagnoses problems in the CAPO system caused by electric and hydraulic malfunctions and displays on the cluster LCD monitor as error codes. The information via this device including engine rpm, main pump delivery pressure, battery voltage, hydraulic temperature and the status of electric switches allows the operator to know the exact operating conditions of the machine. This makes it easier to troubleshoot any problems that occur.

Attachment Flow Control System

Attachment mode provides adequate hydraulic pump flow to each work tool, preventing excess flow and ensuring the regular performance.


Engine Type
Mitsubishi D04FD-TAA
119 HP
Hydraulic Type
Variable Displacement Piston Pumps
Pump Flow
2 x 123.5 L/pm
Fuel Tank Capacity
270 Litres
Digging Force (ISO) - Bucket
22,930 lbf
8,130 mm
2,500 mm
2,860 mm
Max Digging Height
8,500 mm
Max Digging Depth
5,550 mm
Travel Alarm
Beacon Lamp
Quick Coupler
Dual Acting Piping
Saftey Valve
GP Bucket 0.58m3
Cabin Light
Climate Control Air Conditioner
Air Suspension Seat
Rear View Camera
Remote Monitoring System
Fuel Filler Pump
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